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The purpose of the athletic program at the elementary school level is to complement the home, church, and school in the development of the “whole person.”  Underlying this purpose is the firm, very real foundation of Catholic beliefs and practices which make our program significantly different in its effort to reflect Christian teachings.

Activities of the program are for the safety and benefit of the children, suited to match their age and physical growth.  Such programs offer students opportunities to participate in sports activities that contribute to the individual’s physical development.  Such physical development is part of the development of students who are well-rounded academically, socially, and morally.  The aims are:

  • To recognize the need of physical fitness for the wholesome growth of the child;

  • To develop a healthy interest in sports through participation;

  • To emphasize participation with the intention of drawing the maximum number of young people into the program; and

  • To provide enjoyable recreational activities which develop Christian attitudes of sportsmanship and fair play that can be sustained beyond the elementary level. 

These aims should be achieved through consultation with the principal and coach, with the approval of the parents/guardians.

Sports Teams

All students in Grades K-8 participate in a physical education program at least once a week.  Extracurricular activity programs are available for our students who have satisfactory scholastic and conduct records, as well as a current health evaluation completed by a physician.  All sports programs depend on the availability of coaching staff.

Boys’ Teams

Baseball           Varsity             Grades 7-8                   Jr. Varsity                               Grades 5-6

Basketball        Varsity             Grades 7-8                   Jr. Varsity                               Grades 5-6

Volleyball        Varsity             Grades 7-8


Girls’ Teams

Softball             Varsity             Grades 7-8

Basketball        Varsity             Grades 7-8                   Jr. Varsity                               Grades 5-6

Volleyball          Varsity             Grades 7-8


Co-Ed Teams

Cross Country                          Grades 4-8

Track & Field                            Grades 3-8

Soccer                                      Grades 1-8

Parents/guardians must provide transportation for students who participate in extracurricular activities.  Please note that SSPP School does not assume any responsibility or liability should an accident occur while driving to or from a sports activity.  The full responsibility rests with the driver of the vehicle and the driver’s insurance carrier. 

If you are interested in playing a sport, contact Athletic Director Mike Talluto at